But they are emphatically not questions to be asked in an initial interview because you look superior, arrogant, and judgmental.

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As promised, members of the Skype Preview Windows 10 UWP (Universal Windows Platform) team answered community questions from users earlier today.

The team confirmed that the Xbox One version of the Preview app is coming soon, along with other upcoming features.

You should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the current course catalog as well as this semester’s course offerings, and which faculty teach what.

You should glance at each of the search committee members’ work, so that you can refer to it intelligently, should it arise naturally in conversation.

I don't know if there's a way to suppress the reboots when uninstalling through WMIC.

However, Skype doesn't seem to need a reboot to uninstall. One little precision: the one-liner that I wrote doesn't work in a batch script only in the command prompt.I’ll be incorporating that material into my third chapter, and in the meantime, I’ll be drafting a proposal of the book, with a clear statement of the revision plan, to send to presses next Fall.”Now, in terms of interview questions.In fact, there are some excellent resources on this topic all over the web. I like it, by Mary Corbin Sies, because it’s both savvy and attuned to the snark-factor.***These latter two are actually excellent questions to get the answers to while on the campus visit, indirectly and subtly!It seems to work on every other user EXCEPT for the one under which is was installed. This script tells the computer to find at C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\ and find the version number (if your is somewhere else, you will need to change this).We then use this information so that the correct MSI is used to uninstall Skype. If you have multiple version that need to be uninstalled (because who wants to make 7 scripts for 7 different versions, just use if....elseif....endif.)Sorry for the rambling.Here is the proper answer, in the positive, not negative, mode:“I’m planning to take the book into a couple of exciting new areas of research.