Simple and quick to mount within any mobile phone network area.It doesn’t matter whether the camera is located here in Australia or Internationally provided you supply a 1-2GB Data Sim card and that’s it.Do you need CCTV camera security at a remote location but don’t have power or Internet?

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Then look no further because Solar Cam (A Division of Hidden Camera Surveillance) has the ultimate solution which is both brilliant and cost effective.

Our 3G/4G HD Solar Cam only needs to be mounted to a sturdy post or building structure.

We do supply and install IP CCTV Cameras and NVR systems Australia wide but more often than not, the cost to provide a security camera solution in otherwise remote locations is often out of the question.

CCTV or IP security cameras are fantastic although onsite Internet is required to view the cameras and playback recordings.

Our 3G HD Solar Camera solution is amazing and constantly being updated with more and more features, functions and accessories.

Our 3G/4G Solar powered surveillance security camera is 2 Megapixel (optional 6mm or 12mm fixed lens) and amazing quality both day and night.Our IP security camera uses Solar energy to charge a 12V 55A deep cycle battery and that keeps the system functioning indefinitely.It can work for up to 4 days with no solar power whatsoever.That also means the need for power, cabling to all cameras (or Wi Fi) local NVR storage and so on.CCTV Camera systems need to be professionally installed and maintained thus somewhat costly.If you do happen to have power available at the camera location we can dispense with the solar panel altogether but still have battery backup…and it’s cheaper.