There are different kinds of triggers: An external trigger might be spotting a racy billboard on the way to work or a seeing a plunging neckline.

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How can I break the habit of masturbation and lust?

Every time I get overwhelmed or stressed out, my mind clicks off and I end up giving in to the lust, masturbation, and fantasy.

Is it to grasp at selfish pleasure, or is to pursue oneness in marriage? Perhaps we are dissatisfied at the way our life has turned out, so we blame God.

We turn to masturbation as our own private activity that grasps for a pleasure all our own, a corner of life we claim as wholly ours, a way to rebel.

We need to ask ourselves: What do I believe that makes this situation or circumstance or condition stressful for me?

Identify what lies you believe about the stressor and then diligently replace those lies with truth.

Our trigger might be We might see our friends with their loving marital relationships and think: “I wish I was married,” or “I wish my marriage was more intimate.” We may turn to masturbation as a substitute for what we really want.

Again, we must ask ourselves: What do I believe my sex drive is for?

Do we believe these systems are God-given means of taking care of our bodily drives, or do we believe masturbation is the only way?