'I tell anyone I met at home that the answer to find a good foreign husband or boyfriend is to use the internet and Thai Lovelines, it is also very good to have a friend to help the Thai woman find a way online. Last year I was a guest visitor Thai women in Stockholm in Sweden and I have many friends in America. It was TLL that found the answer for me, surely.' 'It's a strange phenomenon but right now worldwide there are many single or divorced foreigners and at the same time there are many Thai women looking for a new life and who seem to want to explore different relationships or foreign relationships.I have been reporting this for a quite a while, there is a growing trend for foreigners also to move to Thailand, it's part of globalisation really,' says James Morris.In Thailand, living as an expat means having a good routine, there's a right way and wrong to do everything and this Thai dating site works for me and I stick with it.' In annual surveys on Thailand's leading dating site over 61% of new users reported a positive dating experience or some level of success in finding love and friends in Thailand.

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'TLL has played a key role on this process and has found a place.

In years to some there will be hundreds of thousands of people with Thai blood living all over the world.' Thai Love Lines is also a mainstream dating site used by Thai singles from all different backgrounds seeking love at home.

It's startling claim but TLL claims that since 2007, up to 10% of all eligible Thai women using the internet have been TLL or have been Thai Love Lines users at some stage.

There are currently over 125,000 active dating profiles for Thai woman on TLL seeking love, penpals friendship, short term relationship or long term relationships in Thailand or in foreign countries.

The success of the Thai dating site is due to its ability to innovate and develop new and imaginative communications facilities allowing Thai singles to find friends and develop relationships on the web.

Initially set up in 2007 by two foreigners, the TLL dating site is owned and run by a Thai company which also operates other internet based media ventures proving news, dating and entertainment services.'Yes it is true that TLL has an international outlook, that's what Thai people like today.' 'I used TLL as my link to friends in Thailand, I've been using it since 2009 and I regularly meet up with some of the Thai girls online,' says Stuart Forster who lives in Jomtien Beach in Pattaya in Thailand.'I've been in Thailand for over fifteen years and I meet all sorts on TLL, I sometimes use other dating sites and Facebook but TLL is my favorite site for meeting friends.The fact is that Thailand is quite a patriarchal society and the internet has been a great tool for Thai women to find a way forward,' says Carla Boonkong.In 2012 a survey by The Nation newspaper in Thailand found that Thai women were ahead of their male counterparts in making use of the internet.'Now I am living in England all ready, I meet my husband on TLL,' reads one Thai Love Lines user out of over 1,200 testimonials currently posted on Thailand's No. 'TLL has become a bit of a legend since it arrived on the scene seven years ago, I'd say conservatively tens of thousands or even a significant proportion of the hundreds of thousands of Thai women living in countries all over the world with foreign partners found their destiny on this popular international dating site,' says James Morris, an internet commentator based in Bangkok.