The think-tank is accused of breaking rules by diverting public money to UKIP when Mr Farage was its leader.

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A couple accused of killing a French nanny whose charred remains were found in a garden will appear in court later to enter their pleas.

The body of Sophie Lionnet was discovered at a house in Southfields, south-west London, on September 20.

At first, police were unable to identify the badly burned body but later confirmed it belonged to the 21-year-old Wandsworth resident, who was originally from Troyes in north-east France.

Designer Sabrina Kouider, 34, and her partner Ouissem Medouni, 40, of Wimbledon Park Road, Wandsworth, south London, are charged with her murder.

The pair are said to have become good friends after meeting in 2007 when Ferrari was a waitress.

Later she worked with Farrage in the European Parliament.Despite telling her he was busy with meetings he insisted on taking her to her luxury flat in Marylebone, central London, and coming up to her bedroom.Valerie told her friend that after Farage had carried her bags for her “he began touching me up, and I joined in”, before the Brexiteer left after 10 minutes. It was very sexy.” Farage has denied the claims - and insists he rejected the stunning adult film star.I know him and his wife fairly well and I wasn’t happy."I had disgust on my face, and Nigel comes to me and says, ‘What happens in Brussels, stays in Brussels and it needs to be that way’.” The Sun exclusively revealed Laure Ferrrari fought a bitter rivalry with another Annabelle Fuller — and branded English women "drunken tarts" in the same email rant.She hit out at British women “with a very short dress, tart-looking, drinking massively who vomits in the street and then leave with the first man to pick them up”.